Prevent Pests From Entering Your Property

Prevent Pests From Entering Your Property

Get exterior rodent control services in Gainesville and Northern VA

Dealing with rodents outside is an easy way to make sure they never get inside. Turn to MVPest Solutions, LLC for exterior rodent control in Gainesville and Northern VA. We use exterior rodent baiting to catch and examine the pests that have been invading your property.

Traps will stop rodents cold in their tracks. It's also a deterrent to other pests thinking about exploring the property. Learn more about traps by calling 703-493-0270.


  • Rodents locate our stations in search of food
  • Once lethal does of bait has been consumed by the rodents they expire ( 1-5 days later )
  • Population decreases which leads to less notable activity and in turn reduces the possibility of mice and rats entering and infesting your home

Before: Easily accessible by mice.
After: Filled and sealed and no longer a viable entry point for mice